Sometimes all you want–all you need–is one finding, one number that will validate a concept and move a project ahead. Until now your only options were to buy more than you need, try a do-it-yourself survey or make a decision based only on intuition and instinct.

But now with our in place systems, you can get just the information you need, quickly, easily and affordably.–just what you need.





We call it starting at the end. Working with you, we determine both your research and project objectives. The OLS professionals know what to ask, so we can help you quickly identify project scope and requirements, usually in a couple of quick phone calls.

For maximum effectiveness and efficiency, the professionals at OLS custom design every questionnaire. Drawing on literally decades of experience, they construct the right questions, program and then host the survey, so you don’t have to.


Every survey starts with a valid sample. At OLS, we manage the entire process of acquiring, recruiting, screening and qualifying targeted respondents and gathering reliable data. And, when it’s your customers you want to survey, we can work with your lists.

We don’t just deliver data. We deliver results. Our clear, easy-to-read, graphical reports are editable, presentation-ready and in your hands within 48 hours of survey completion.